Confira a cobertura exclusiva que o Startupi está fazendo na U-Start Conference Milão.

Cobertura – Milão 2014

Announcement of the startup competitiion award winners (Global: Over; Regional/Brazil: LoveMondays; Regional/South Africa: wiGroup; Regional/Italy: Italist; Regional/Russia: Linguademia).

Entrepreneurs discuss italian excellence.

Enel lab case: Smart-I
Como o governo está ajudando os italianos a serem uma nação startupeira – Italy is a country friend of startups. Government member explains innovative regulation. (Leia aqui – watch here).
Interview with Zachariah George, CEO at U-Start South Africa.

Keynote speaker: Tom Kallish. Tom founded Tommie Copper in 2010, but has been an entrepreneur his entire life. Besides the companies he has founded, his interests lie in philanthropic work. Currently, Tom is involved with the Special Olympics, the Lois Bronz Children’s CenterLet’s Play it Forward, and has most recently founded the Tommie Cares Foundation.
Entrevista com Eeswaran Naratnam, diretor da consultoria Onyx Management, que deu um workshop para as startups competidoras sobre modelos operacionais.

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The U-Start Conference is U-Start’s main international annual conference, which aims to showcase early-stage and growth-stage enterprises from top emerging markets globally that are investment ready, introducing them to international investors and assisting in expanding their global networks as well as connecting them with the international entrepreneurial ecosystem.


May 13th

  • 10h00 | Welcome note (Presidente della Regione Lombardia & Stefano Guidotti)
  • 10h30 | Investors roundtable – The next hot trend (Evan Nisselson, Fouto Boni, Jimmy Nielsen, Guimar Sittic & Andrea di Camillo)
  • 11h15 | Keynote Speech (Tom Kallish)
  • 11h30 | Italian excellence on stage (Giullo Corno, Andrea Tessitore & Alberto Genovese)
  • 12h00 | Stories from enel lab (Smart I)
  • 12h10 | Pitch – Brazil
  • 12h50 | Investment lab (Lars Buch, Jimmy Nielsen, Massimillano D’Amico & Mirko Trasclatti)
  • 14h45 | Success in the tech sector: fundamentals of business growth (Andrew Lopianowski)
  • 15h00 | Country focus – Turkey
  • 15h40 | Investors roundtable – The diverse nature of Venture Capital (Andrea Prandi, Michael Stuenkel, Didac Lee, Pontus Frohde & Charles Lorenceau)
  • 16h10 | Pitch – Africa
  • 16h50 | Final Remarks (Mattia Corbetta – Ministro dello Sviluppo economico)

May 14th

  • 10h00 | Country focus Africa
  • 10h40 |Investors roundtable (Simone Sole, Adam Kostyál, Barbara Lunghi, Rogan Angelini-Hurll & Luciano Tommasi)
  • 11h00 | Pitch – Europe
  • 11h50 | Keynote speech – Ash Fontana
  • 12h10 | Italian Excellence On Stage (Andrea Dusi & Fabrizio Capobianco)
  • 14h00 | Investor Day LUISS ENLABS (Luigi Capello, Giuseppe Morlino, Paky Russo, Antonello Balestrieri, Federico De Cerchio & Giuseppe Silvano)
  • 15h00 | Country Focus Brazil
  • 15h40 | Pitch – Russia
  • 16h20 | Keynote Speech (Marco Marinucci)
  • 16h40 | Award Cerimony & Closing

*Os horários são de Milão. Fuso Brasil/Milão é de 5h (adicionar 5h no horário brasileiro. Exemplo: 10h em Milão são 5h no Brasil).