This is part of our weekly series of posts summarizing startup news from Brazil in English.

PagoTanto is product for purchasing airline tickets not unlike Priceline. Customers decide how much they are willing to pay for airline tickets and the system returns results from various airlines that are the closest matches or will watch for upcoming deals close to the preferred amount. PagoTanto was developed and mocked up during  the Porto Alegre Startup Weekend at the end of April and won the competition. Full story.

-Luz Loja de Consultoria has issued an ebook analyzing Brazilian incubators and the scope of Brazilian startups. The report can be seen here (slideshow).   A few points of interest: 31.8% of startups interviewed said they already have clients. Most have three founders. About 40% have received some kind of financial support. Another 49% said they have tried to find funding but have not yet been successful. 58% of startup founders say they are exclusively dedicated to running their startup. 27% of startups have participated in some kind of incubator or accelerator program.

-BR New Tech is bringing Geeks on a Plane back to São Paulo. Participants include Niklas Zennstrom, Dave McClure and Frederico Trajano. During this visit in May there will be opportunities for startups to do pitches and networking and a workshop on tools and resources for entrepreneurs will be featured. More info at (in English)

-São Paulo recently hosted The App Date, a mobile apps event. It was sponsored by Nokia and Microsoft and featured speakers Fabio Nunes of Navita (who talked about Windows Phone development and the success of Mercado Livre), Guilherme Santa Rosa of Mowa (who talked about Universo, a app development tool), and Allan Panossian Kajimoto of Kekanto (a city guide app). A photo exhibit arranged by Sambapix and music performances added to the festivities. The next event will be May 29th at The Hub. Full story.

-Startup Rio’s regular meetup has added a tour to their program. The main program involves presentations and networking opportunities. The new tour, to be held May 16, will take participants to various tech startups, incubators and other relevant businesses in Rio. Organizer Tiago Asevedo said many partipants come to the Circuito Startup events from other cities, and the tours will give them a chance to network by visiting various locations in Rio de Janeiro. See the Startup Rio Meetup site for details.

-Reurbano is a startup that launched just four months ago to aggregate coupon and group buying offers from sources like Groupon, Peixe Urbano and ClickOn. They are also offering a secondary market for resale of coupons that will not be used by the original recipient. This market exists already, and Reurbano hopes to make it easier for resellers to connect with interested parties. Full story.

-A new discount site has launched. It’s called Ualaa! and is inspired by the US site Woot, which was bought by Amazon in 2010. The idea of One Day, One Deal was unknown in Brazil but was met with enthusiasm. Ualaa!  partners with various e-retailers and features one overstock deal each day.  Full story.

-Guest writer João Kepler Braga, CEO of ticketing platform Show de Ingressos  talked about his recent angel investment in, a B2B quiz management tool. It will support the use of customer surveys, quizzes and polls in social media environments. Full story.

-Insper, the Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa, is hosting an event on the art of entrepreneurship featuring Niklas Zennström of Skype; Romero Rodrigues of Buscapé; and Carl Fritjofsson of Wrapp. It will take place May 14 in São Paulo. 400 free tickets are available. Simultaneous translation will be provided. Register here.

-New social commerce system Clicktoshop is integrating e-commerce and social media. Participants can offer storefronts via Facebook, BlogStore and on mobile devices, among others. Clicktoshop‘s  single control panel allows management of all storefronts. Full story.

-In the e-commerce sector new site Rabixo is offering men’s needs in a convenient online store with and wide selection of styles and brands and easy home delivery. Everything from socks and underwear to shaving supplies and condoms are available. A key differential for Rabixo is that the customer sets up scheduled deliveries of needed items, so there is no need to keep track of lists or go to multiple stores to find everything.