Acabamos de receber as regras da segunda edição anual da Competição Global de Planos de Negócios DFJ/Cisco, promovida no Brasil por FIR Capital, ReadWriteWeb Brasil e Startupi.

Há 18 regiões concorrendo ao prêmio final,que e receber investimento da DFJ (Hotmail, Skype, Meebo) na quantia de US$ 250.000! No Brasil, os projetos recebidos em maio serão avaliados e selecionados por mim, pelo Diego Gomes (ReadWriteWeb Brasil) e pelo Simon Olson (FIR Capital).

Como a competição serve para promover globalmente as startups que assim estiverem alinhadas, e a língua oficial para a inscrição é inglês, vamos manter as instruções sem tradução. Confiram. Boa sorte!

Greetings Global Networkers:

We are excited to provide you with details on the 2nd Annual DFJ-CISCO Global Business Plan Competition. We have spent the last month working with Cisco Corporate Development team to finalize the following competition format:

– When: The competition will be held on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM (PST).

– Who: Up to 5 teams from each of the regions will be nominated for the competition. Of the nominated teams, up to 14 will be invited to present to a panel comprised of DFJ, DFJ Network, and Cisco judges. The Regions are (1) Brazil, (2) China, (3) India, (4) Israel, (5) Russia, (6) Korea, (7) Europe, (8) USA-West Coast, (9) USA-East Coast, (10) USA-Southwest, (11) USA-Texas; (12) USA-Chicago; (13) USA-Midwest (PA/OH), and guest regions (14) Singapore, (15) Uruguay, (16) Chile, (17) Japan, and (18) Mexico.

– Where: Presentations will be given from respective TelePresence locations throughout the world, each one being within reasonable distance from DFJ Network Partner offices. The judging itself will take place at Cisco’€™s San Jose TelePresence Center.

– How Much: The winning team will receive a US$250K investment from DFJ (Menlo Park). Cisco may also offer to co-invest additional funds beyond the $250K if the winner is a strategic fit.

Here is how you can participate:

1) Nominate up to five teams from your region. Ideally, the teams will have recently completed university business plan competitions. Failing that, please nominate any great teams that are comprised of current or recent graduates of local universities. Please see the embeded Competitor Application for more details. Final completed submissions are due no later than June 4, 2010 for U.S. contestants and June 11, 2010 for non-U.S. contestants.

Embeded is the Competitor Application packet that you must give to the teams you nominate. It contains overview information about the competition that you might find helpful, such as sample terms of the convertible note that the winner will receive. Many thanks to you all for your participation!