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It can be quite daunting trying to build a relationship with a big brand as a start-up company, can’t it?

You may not realise it, but it’s probably easier today than it has ever been for start-ups to get into medium or large sized corporates, because nowadays it’s actually seen as really cool for large organisations to be working with start-ups.

So there is no reason to be scared of these big brands, you just need to find the right way to approach them!

Alex Dunsdon, Co-Founder of The Bakery, has put together some top tips for establishing relationships with corporations.

  1. Be clear about the problem you are solving- who is your audience?

Lots of tech companies get in front of a brand marketing team and they say “Oh we have this artificial intelligence platform that runs off Java and is built in HTML 5…” we watch the brand guys go “huh..?” They don’t care about the nitty gritty bits of your technology, they care about markets and users. The best advice we can give is don’t talk about your technology at all! Talk about the usecase and tell a story. The brands aren’t interested in the technology, they are interested in the end vision, can your technology make their vision come to life? If yes, show them the end result, not how it happens.

  1. Ask for advice – not a sale

Create a list of the top 5 brands that you would like to sell to and then hustle and network to make connections with people who work for those companies. If you can get advice from people inside the organisation on how best to pitch your product and who you should be pitching it to, straightaway you have a foot in the door and you are closer to making that sale!

  1. Prospecting

Build relationships, don’t be a sales person. Instead of going out there trying to sell your product, sell yourself and your solution. You need the right audience, the right message at the right time. As a tech company you need to work hard on translation, you need to understand the language of marketing so that you are able to sell your solution to the marketing director of a large corporation. You can’t do the same sort of pitch to a CMO or brand manager that you would to an investor or CTO. Its basic sales- know your audience!

  1. Shut up and listen

Seriously, if you want to have any chance of selling to a big brand, you need to spend way more time listening than talking. Here at The Bakery we have a simple process for pitching your business “Problem…Solution…Usecase.” Really think about the problem you are solving, what the solution is, and tell a story around a specific usecase to put it into context. Don’t talk about yourself, talk about them. Then shut up and listen to what they want to achieve…what is life like from their perspective?

  1. Hustle

To be a successful entrepreneur you have an insane amount of hustle! Give everything your all, get out there and sell yourself, promote your product, knock down doors and don’t get embarrassed by rejection.

Alex Dunsdon

Alex Dunsdon is Co-founder of The Bakery London and Investment Director at Saatchinvest and Ex Business Development / Strategist in M&C Saatchi Group. Led acquisition of Inside Mobile, now M&C Saatchi Mobile which has grown exponentially from 12 to 130 people globally.