Check your inboxes! We have sent emails to the people who registered (free) for the first event Startupi is promoting in another country: “Startupi Con: Valley Meets Brazil“, to happen this Thursday in San Francisco as an offering from Trindade Investimentos.

The idea is to offer to the international market a night full of insight from Brazilian investors, entrepreneurs and accelerators about how it is to do business and build startups in the country.

Check out the schedule. If you have not registered yet, you still can do it filling the very simple form on this page.



7:00 pm Opening
7:30 Welcome Speech and Sponsor Speech – Barbara Raymundo/Danilo Amaral (Trindade Investimentos)
7:40 Doing Business in Brazil with Anderson Thees (Redpoint, Ted Rogers (Arpex Capital), Felipe Matsunaga (RBS Digital), Barbara Raymundo (Trindade Investimentos) and Michael Nicklas (Ideiasnet), with the moderation of Bob Wollheim and Diego Remus
8:10 Starting a Business in Brazil with Flavio Pripas (, Bedy Yang (500Startups), Felipe Matos (StartupFarm) and Davis Smith ( with the moderation of Bob Wollheim and Diego Remus
8:40 Pitches – 5 selected companies will have 3 minutes to present
9:00 Drinks and Snacks
10:30 Closing

Day : 13th  September
Time: 7pm to 10:30pm
Local: The Barrel House, 80 Tehama (click to see in the map)